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1st Annual Women In STEM Conference

El Paso, TX 2024

The 1st Annual Women In Stem Conference - Breaking Barriers is curated to bring women across all fields of (STEM) science, technology, engineering and math together to hear success stories, strategies, network and become inspired. This conference is not an event, rather an experience, where women will gain inspiration , knowledge, and tools to help them succeed. We aim to disrupt the stem industry with powerful ambitious women.



  • Kelly B. Webster DeFazio P.E.

    Retired Program Director

    Lockheed Martin Orion Program

  • Alyssa Saenz

    Robotics Flight Controller


  • Adrianna Vandercook P.E.

    P&PS Project Manager for JACOBS

  • Karla Mendez

    Environmental Microbiologist and Assistant Professor

    UTHealth Houston School of Public Health


    President of TRE & Associates, LLC

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A message from our founder

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 1st Annual Women In STEM Conference in El Paso, Tx.
I'm here to be a voice and represent the women that make up 9.4 % of mechanical engineers in the workforce. Women are underrepresented in the field of science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM).
The El Paso and Las Cruces communities value the need for diversity and inclusion. Advocating for STEM within our community encourages the current and next generation to increase innovative thinking and enables the development of creativity, curiosity, and ingenuity.
I will be hosting the 1st STEM conference for women in the workforce, and for women currently enrolled in college. This conference is a movement to build excellence, cultivate talent, and create an empowering community of women in the STEM field. Women will learn how to thrive and flourish in a male dominated industry.We will have a panel with the most successful leaders in the science, engineering, and technology industry. These leaders will share strategies, their insight, and provide tools to help other women achieve their full potential to thrive in their own personal lives and career path.
In addition, I'm here to inspire and create a spark in women and girls of all ages. Our workforce, our students, our children , and our community need the encouragement to show them that they are capable of becoming the next innovator, the next astronaut, the next scientist, or the next women owned tech company.
I hope you can join me for this amazing event.
Missy Aveytia